Grizzy und die Lemminge: (Umbrella Tactics)

Grizzy und die Lemminge: (Umbrella Tactics)

Boomerang Boomerang 13.05., 18:25 - 18:35 Uhr
AnimationsserieF 202110 Minuten 

To trick Grizzy's vigilance and steal the TV, the Lemmings, disguised as traditional Chinese dancers, perform a number that leaves the bear flabbergasted. The rodents take advantage of their diversion to carry off the TV set on their airborne craft made of Chinese umbrellas. But before they can escape with their bounty, Grizzy recovers the screen. Ever as determined, the Lemmings come back after upgrading their vessel.

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  • Pierre-Alain de Garrigues
  • Josselin Charier


  • Regie Victor-Emmanuel Moulin