Unsere kleine Farm: Vom Schicksal gebeutelt (2)

Unsere kleine Farm: Vom Schicksal gebeutelt (2)

TNT Serie TNT Serie 21.11., 09:45 - 10:35 Uhr
FamilienserieUSA 198150 Minuten 

Although the arrival of her first child should be a beautiful time for Laura, it is tainted by Almanzo's increasingly bitter attitude, as well as the possibility that Laura and Almanzo might lose their home. Matters worsen when Eliza Jane pursues an office job for Almanzo in the city without consulting her sister-in-law. Frustration meets with severe anger as Laura feels that her marriage is slipping away, and when a fateful tornado brings the Wilders to an all-time low, it might actually hold the key to both of their futures.

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  • Melissa Gilbert
  • Michael Landon
  • Karen Grassle
  • Rachel Lindsay Greenbush