Unsere kleine Farm: Vom Schicksal gebeutelt (1)

Unsere kleine Farm: Vom Schicksal gebeutelt (1)

TNT Serie TNT Serie 23.11., 08:40 - 09:55 Uhr
FamilienserieUSA 198175 Minuten 

The Wilders' budding marriage is put to its first major test when Almanzo, who is recovering from diphtheria, does not take proper care of himself and ends up having a severe stroke. Left with speech deficiencies and a partial paralysis, his deteriorating spirit is cured by nothing, and while Laura does her best to help him through, the friction between husband and wife is aggravated by an unexpected visit from Eliza Jane. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl named Rose, Laura is devastated to learn that she and Almanzo might lose their home, and things get even messier when Almanzo is interested in accepting a shocking offer from Eliza Jane.

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  • Melissa Gilbert
  • Michael Landon
  • Karen Grassle
  • Rachel Lindsay Greenbush