Unsere kleine Farm: Der Patenonkel

Unsere kleine Farm: Der Patenonkel

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As he drinks heavily to drown out the pain of his oldest son's death, Mr. Edwards is hanging by a thread with his family. Eventually, enough is enough, and an emotionally exhausted Grace tells him to pack his bags and leave. Lonely without his wife and children, he decides to seek solace in Walnut Grove. Upon settling in with his old friends, he is immeditely asked by Laura to be her baby daughter's godfather. The man is in a position to put his life back together now, but alcoholism is a truly dangerous addiction, and as Isaiah begins falling apart again, he makes a drunken mistake that may cost him his last chance-- unless there's still someone out there willing to pull for him.

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  • Melissa Gilbert
  • Michael Landon
  • Karen Grassle
  • Rachel Lindsay Greenbush