Modern Family: Sex, Lügen und Kickball

Modern Family: Sex, Lügen und Kickball

Comedy Central Comedy Central 25.11., 23:55 - 00:20 Uhr

It's a night of sleepovers! Jay and Gloria run into Shorty, who's back from Costa Rica for a visit, and insist that he stay with them. While Jay hopes for some one-on-one time with his best pal, Gloria has other plans for Shorty - to both Jay and Joe's dismay. Alex and Ben stay over at Claire and Phil's; tired of enduring Claire's snarky comments about Ben, Alex engages in some aggressive behavior and Claire is determined to exact her revenge. Meanwhile, Pepper and Ronaldo's son, Lionel, sleeps over at Mitch and Cam's, and the guys are convinced that Lionel is not being allowed to be himself or engage in any fun kid activities.

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