Modern Family: Der Unterhosenfluch

Modern Family: Der Unterhosenfluch

Comedy Central Comedy Central 16.11., 19:35 - 20:00 Uhr

Phil's daily ritual of kicking off his underwear and catching them in his hands is an indicator of whether or not he'll have a good day - and today he didn't catch them. His only recourse is to wait out the day in a safe place free of sharp objects, but refusing to play into his superstitions, Claire insists that they carry on with the day's chores and activities. Mitch and Cam's kitchen renovation continues and Mitch isn't happy that their contractor views Cam as the boss and he as the trophy wife. Determined to be more assertive, he insists that his opinions be heard but fears that he and Cam may be working at cross-purposes. Meanwhile, Jay is determined to catch Gloria in a lie regarding an alleged car accident, even turning to Joe for help.

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