Unsere kleine Farm: Wave Of The Future

Unsere kleine Farm: Wave Of The Future

TNT Serie TNT Serie 17.11., 07:30 - 08:20 Uhr
FamilienserieUSA 198150 Minuten 

When Harriet is pressed on by a slick businessman to transform Walnut Grove's eatery into a chain restaurant, Nellie's Restaurant is scarcely recognizable as Harriet purchases flashy new tables and stools, then gets rid of the menus to accommodate a three-mealsonly strategy. Things start out well when the new "Sullivan's Restaurant" rakes in an impressive amount of money, but as Caroline, Harriet, and Hester Sue are forced to give practically 24/7 attention to this demanding job, Nels and Charles must take over the responsibilities at home. Flustered with cooking every day and taking care of the kids, Nels and Charles know that their wives regret these recent developments, but this time, it may be up to the men to fix things up.

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