North Korea v The World: What does Kim Jong Un want?

North Korea v The World: What does Kim Jong Un want?

North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un tests nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. He ignores United Nations resolutions and provokes the international community. State media claim North Korea's home-made weaponry can strike any spot in the United States, the country's declared enemy number one.

But how dangerous are Kim Jong Un and his weapons? What does this Stalinist despot actually want and how does he want to achieve it? Is nuclear war a real possibility? Are diplomatic overtures towards South Korea a positive sign or a cynical tactic? German journalist Klaus Scherer, who has covered Asia and the United States for many years, set out to find answers.

He met with scientists, political analysts and diplomats to learn more about the secretive state and its ruler. While German rocketry expert Robert Schmucker says Kim is probably bluffing when he boasts about the capabilities of his military, others warn against underestimating North Korea.

The film unmasks weaknesses in the implementation of UN sanctions and reveals how North Korean spies have been stealing arms technology from countries around the world, including Germany.


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